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If you'd like to enquire about one of our advertising products please contact the sales team on 0800 389 8886

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For queries regarding the Supply & Delivery of your Phonebook, after sales enquiries for Classified Print & Online advertising call 0800 833 400 option 1

To find out when you’ll next receive a Phone Book please refer to our Compilation Dates

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Amend your Phone Book advertising

Online - it's quick and easy and you can attach images showing the changes you need

Post – Clearly mark your required amendments on each proof and post them to - BT Phone Book Operations, First Floor, Midland ATE, Station Street, Birmingham, B5 4AL

Fax – you can also fax changes to 01908 860581. Please mark each proof clearly to indicate the changes you require

Order a Phone Book

BT provides a copy of The Phone Book covering your local area every 12 months

If you haven’t received a current copy and you are a BT customer, please Request a replacement or email directory.products@bt.com

Non-BT customers can buy a copy of The Phone Book via our online shop

Additional copies of The Phone Book are also available to order

Buy now – business customers
Buy now – residential customers

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Special Phone Book Entries

Special Phone Book Entries are adverts available under listings in the Classified, Business A-Z and Residential A-Z sections of the BT Phone Book

They feature your business name, address and telephone number and come in a range of sizes and font types. Find out more

If you have a query about your SPBE please contact our sales team on 0800 833 400 Option 2

* Statistics based on the BT Phone Book Consumer Study (May 2017 - top line data) carried out by Basis

Classified Paid Line Entries

Classified Paid Line Entries are adverts available in the business-by-type section at the front of the Phone Book. It lets customers in your local area know who you are and what you do

If you have a query about your Classified Paid Line Entry please contact our sales team on 0800 833 400 Option 2

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How can I change my details in Find a Person or Find a Business?

If you wish to change your details for searches by Type of Business please contact us on 0800 833 400

The data that we use for A –Z searches is supplied from a database (OSIS) to which all licensed Telecommunications Operators and Service Providers submit their customers' directory data

If your service provider is BT and you wish to change your entry, please call us on:

If you have a service provider other than BT you will need to contact your own service provider as BT is not able to make changes to this central database on behalf of other telephone service providers

Once you have asked your own service provider to make the necessary amendments the correct data will be added to the OSIS database for cascade to all directory service providers including BT

Recycle your Phone Book

We're serious about sustainability and committed to minimising our impact on the environment. The BT Phone Books are 100% recyclable at the end of their life

When you've finished with your local Phone Book please recycle it

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Terms and Conditions

Documents are in PDF format.If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, download it free here.